Inventory Appraisal

Range strives to produce customizable appraisals and valuations to best fit the needs of our clients. Our reports provide accurate, thorough, and clear valuation results of wholesale and industrial inventories and are all completed within the guidelines of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (“USPAP”).

While Range is the leading specialist in the appraisal and valuation of oil and gas assets, we have experience and expertise across a wide range of industry verticals, including metals and metal working, automotive, construction equipment and inventory, building materials, chemicals and plastics, and packaging, among others.

General guidelines for the inventory appraisal process are as follows:


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Data Collection and Due Diligence

Range provides a comprehensive information request list outlining the necessary data for the successful analysis of a company’s inventory. Appraisers thoroughly review and analyze the financial data, inventory reporting, operating expenses, and other key pieces of information to form a reliable opinion of value.

The due diligence process also includes discussions with industry experts. Range is built upon years in the oil and gas industry providing valuations for investment banking transactions, traditional ABL lending facilities, private equity firms, debt funds, and financial restructuring. These various engagements have allowed us to build a significant network of industry experts on whom we often rely to confidentially confirm the accuracy of our findings.

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Management Interviews

Frequent conversations with company management are essential to the appraisal process. Understanding operations, customer bases, procurement, sales, the intricacies of assets, and financial management practices is key to accurately assessing the value of assets.

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Inspection of Assets

Range’s appraisers conduct on-site evaluations to further understand the nature of assets, the condition of these assets, and the operational procedures of the various sites. We believe these visits are key to understanding the underlying value of the assets being appraised.

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